Fysiotherapie Delft is a modern physiotherapy practice and is located at two different healthcenters. 

We are inspired physiotherapy specialists with individual expertise and create durable movement solutions.  

Our extensive partnerships with general practitioners, medical specialists and diagnostic fascilities enable us to provide 

the best possible care. 

The highest level of quality care and ISO standards apply to our practice.

How to make an appointment:

Please call us or fill out the Contact Form, in which case we will contact you as soon as possible to schedule the appointment. Please bring identification and proof of your insurance if applicable on your first consult. In case your are referred bij a GP or a health specialist, please bring this letter as well. Refferal is not necessary to start physiotherapy treatment.  

To change or cancel an appointment:

You can change or cancel your appointment up to 24 hours notice free of charge. In case you change or cancel the appointment within 24 hours notice and in case of a no-show we can charge you the regular consultation fee for the reserved time. 

Fees and Payment:

Fysiotherapie Delft has contracts with all Dutch health insurances and sends the invoice directly to the insurer in almost all cases. If you are not additionally insured, or you are insured with a foreign insurance company the treatments will be charged to you in person. Every month you will receive an invoice. We apply a payment period of 14 days. If after this period the note is not met, you will receive a reminder. When this reminder is not met we contribute outstanding notes over to Medicas (debt collection service and lawyers) after which a collection procedure will be initiated.